Learning Logs

for final assessment

I am including PDF prints of two Learning Logs or they can be viewed online at Assignment 2, Photographing the Unseen, and Assignment 3 Self Portraits. These two assignments were the most time-consuming, and elaborate and also the most satisfying of the C&N work. The two examples demonstrate the conceptual development of personal projects from the base course scoping documents and Folder 2 the realisation of my concepts through the application of technology.

For Asg.2, which I titled Forbidden Zones, the subjects were areas and items where photography is (theoretically, at least) not allowed. This required subtlety and guile, including the use of a Spy Pen Camera (£13.99 on ebay). Where photography is illegal, rather than just frowned upon (that is, the House of Commons and Law Courts), the subjects are disguised and I do not reveal whether the photographs are genuine or contrived, though my tutor was sent straight prints in sealed envelope with a warning.

For Asg.3 I have imitated some of the classic photographers’ self portraits simulating the settings at home because of Covid limitations.