Creative Work

for final assessment

I am submitting 10 images, a representative sample of the 4 lens-based assignments and one of the exercises. Larger version of the images are available in the full gallery at the bottom of the page.

File sizes have been set to 1500px long as this is the latest instruction I could find on page 15 of EyV.

These images reinforce the Learning Logs submited in Folder 1 as evidence of my application of technique to implement the ideas I conceived for the assignments and exercises.

Figs. 1 and 2 are from Assignment 1 Two sides of the story, where I paired parts of my body with those of Rodin’s John the Baptist at the V&A. The influence of John Coplans is clear: this meant that I had to abandon the intended homage to Coplans in Assignment 3.

Figs. 3 and 4 are from Exercise 2.3, illustrating poetry. The poems chosen are Henry Reed’s Lessons of War: Naming of Parts and Zaffar Kunial’s The Lyric Eye.

5-7 are from Assignment 2Photographing the unseen, which I titled Forbidden Zones. As already noted, the subjects were areas and items where photography is (theoretically, at least) not allowed, specifically,

5. from the John Soane Museum where photography is forbidden
6. from a gent’s toilet, where photography is frowned upon
7. might be from the observers’ gallery of the House of Commons, where photography is prohibited. The image has been blurred so that the viewer cannot be certain whether or not I have committed a contempt.

Figs. 8-9 are from Assignment 3, Self portraits where I emulated portraits of and self portraits by some well known photographers of the past. “Too many old, dead men” said my tutor so I added a self portrait after Lewis Morley’s iconic 1963 image of Christine Keeler in the zine (page 30).

Fig. 10. is from Assignment 5, a self portrait after Bill Brandt’s Northumbrian coal miner eating his evening meal, 1937. The intention was to load the image with artifice and falsehood, in reaction to Brandt’s use of the same in many of his images (though not the Northumbrian coal miner) described in the Assignment 4 essay.

Bloomfield, R (2017) Expressing your vision [EyV]. Barnsley: Open College of the Arts.