Written Element

for final assessment

Assignment 4, the essay, is the suggested and obvious choice for this section. My subject was Bill Brandt’s Northumbrian coal miner eating his evening meal, 1937. I am submitting the reworked version where the photographers whose approaches are contrasted with Brandt’s (as suggested by my tutor) are less tangential than my original examples. (The original submitted version can be viewed here.)

The second submission is the zine, suggested by my tutor after Assignment 3. Its initial purpose was to address my restrictive choice of subjects for that assignment, but it grew to become a document covering all of my work in C&N. Under the pre-Covid final assessment guidelines, the zine would have been my principal final assessment submission.

Both documents are provided in PDF format, but the zine is better viewed online in double-page format. One image (page 22), made for EyV, has been removed from the submitted PDF zine: it is still present online and is explained within the document. The Assignment 4 essay is also available online.